Human diversity is a value and a wealth



Suite Food SRL, the founders and current and future managers recognize and respect life experiences different from their own and denounce any type of social discrimination.

Suite Food will work to cultivate a protective environment that guarantees well-being and equal career opportunities for all , in order to stimulate significant cultural change.

Recognizing the same dignity and rights for everyone is our founding principle and, as such, cannot vary depending on the managers of the moment or on the greater or lesser biological or cultural similarity between the human beings who belong to the team.

At the same time, knowing the causes and meaning of human diversity means becoming fully aware of the meaning and value of human equality.

For us, food is culture and through the dissemination of culture we try to break down cultural barriers between human beings.

In fact, to understand human diversity we must start from populations , not from races.

Humanity is a network of people who, aggregating into social groups in communication with each other and constantly changing over time, mix their ideas and their genetic heritage, sharing a space, a history and a culture.

Although small, genetic diversity among populations contains a lot of information to reconstruct past events, such as migrations, genocides or epidemics. The variability , present since time immemorial in our species, has allowed Homo Sapiens to adapt and thrive in the most disparate environments , and the mixing between groups with different genes and cultural instances has made possible the formation of plural , continuously evolving and transformation.

This is why we believe that human diversity is a key to our success , a value for the present and a wealth to be preserved for the future, both in Suite Food and in our private lives.

We are a diverse company made up of different and international people: we blindly believe that diversity will make us unique in the world.


    Everything we do has an impact. Suite Food seeks sustainable solutions every day to reduce its burden on the planet.

    Most of our products arrive via train , the greenest means of long-distance transportation in the world. Compared to flying, we save 84% of greenhouse gas emissions with every single trip.

    Not only that: we choose the best producers, with the purest raw materials and the most sustainable practices. Some of our products last for generations and cut the throwaway culture at its roots. For us, less is more. In the kitchen, in recipes and in purchases.

    To paraphrase an old advertisement: if what you eat is good and good for you (for you and the planet), it is three times as good.


    We believe in the circular economy and in a future where everything we use can have a second life.

    It doesn't end here: thanks to the commitment of our suppliers, for every tree cut from sustainable forests to produce our boxes, four are planted. Would you have ever said that a forest can be born from a box?