No more sugar, no more lactose: welcome coconut milk

For a Creamy and Tasty Coffee, at Home or at the Bar, try now


    Without meltdowns, nervousness or anxiety. Coconut milk's unique mix of proteins (albumins, globulins, prolamins, glutelin-1 and glutelin-2) and fats blend with coffee to give you a real burst of energy, keeping you active longer without the side effects typical of black coffee. Scientifically proven.


    Enjoy the creaminess without the guilt. With only 19 calories and zero added sugar, coconut milk in coffee is the perfect choice for anyone who pays attention to their figure but doesn't want to give up the pleasure of a rich and enveloping coffee.


    Just add a teaspoon to your coffee and turn every sip into a moment of pure pleasure. The addition of coconut milk makes the coffee incredibly creamy, elevating the experience of your morning ritual to new levels of satisfaction.

  • Safe and organic products for the whole world

    At SUITEFOOD, the quality and integrity of our products come first. We are proud to announce that our coconut milk powder not only meets, but exceeds global standards for excellence and sustainability. Here are the certifications that accompany our commitment to exceptional products and ethical practices.

Why choose between health and pleasure when you can have both?

Coconut milk in coffee isn't just a healthy choice; it's an upgrade to your morning coffee that promises flavor, creaminess and a sustainable energy boost. Give your coffee the power of coconut milk protein and feel the difference every morning.